Extra Contents

In ~/utils in the PRECIS directory $HOME/Precis_vn2.0.0 there are several install packages:

  • pdksh - the korn shell (required)

  • xanim (required for animations, optional)

  • pp2netcdf -- convert from PP format to NetCDF format

    Useful software for working with PRECIS output

  • CF-Python (to convert PRECIS PP output to NetCDF for use in tools below)

  • Iris from the Met Office (for analysis and visualisation)

  • NCL (NCAR Command Language - for visualisation)

  • CDO (Climate Data Operators - for analysis)

  • GrADs (Grid Analysis and Display System - for analysis and visualisation)

  • Panoply from NASA (for visualisation)

  • R (for statistical analysis)

  • NCO (NetCDF Operators - for postprocessing)

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